Week 15 – Artist Interview – Hyeri Kim


This week, I had the pleasure of viewing Hyeri Kim’s work! She had an exhibit named “His Extravagant Proposal”! All the works were wedding and love related, because she holds those two things with very high value and importance. The idea of love is very much influenced by her Korean heritage and culture, which is shown through the traditional wedding outfits that were in the exhibit.

All these pieces are meant to convey Kim’s idea of love, marriage, and relationships. As you can see, the piece pictured above is crafted beautifully, yet it looks ever so delicate. I was fascinated by how many different items were in the exhibit, and how they were a beautiful golden, bronze color. It seems like every one of her piece were made with strong passion, dedication, and determination. These are probably all the things that Kim believe that Love should have.

Overall, I think all of these pieces were very elegant and beautiful. Kim thinks that love is something that is sacred and beautiful. The connection between a man and a woman when they are in love is what she respects. I think learning these things from seeing Kim’s works were very interesting!


Week 15 – Classmate Conversation – Nicole Ilagan


This week, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Nicole Ilagan! She looked like a friendly person, so I decided to approach her. She is a second year of Fullerton, one of the 6 sophomores enrolled in our Art 110 class! She is also from Orange County, like myself, and she attended Troy High School.

Nicole loves the arts! In fact, she is going to be a film major with a minor in marketing. Her goal is to help people produce and put forth other people’s ideas. She considers herself an introvert, but she says that she knows she will have to open up more for her career.

In her spare time, she likes to go to concerts! She is attending Almost Acoutstic this coming week, and she is super stoked! She also tries to go surfing every weekend, which I find admirable, because I don’t find many people who are actually active anymore. Her favorite band is 21 Pilots, and she thinks they’re really unique. They’re an Indie band that also incorporate rapping in their songs.

She really enjoys our Art 110 class, because she likes the social aspect of it. It helps her be more social!

check out her blog here!

Week 13 – Artist Conversation – Jeff Dulla

10807079_1525952807675129_521425027_n (1)

This lovely pieced named “Cynical Nature” by Jeff Dulla is absolutely beautiful. I love how the colors on this piece kinda of balance each other out. The blood moon as well as the black lake add such an eerie feel to this piece! His artwork has a lot of visual texture, which I find to be pretty creative. I believe this painting is oil painted!

This artwork depicts an image that would be seen in a dream or a fantasy type of movie. I am unsure if I would ever want to be in a place like this because it is quite mysterious and eerie, but it is definitely interesting. This is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve seen in the art gallery!

Week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Steven Le


This week, I got to interview Steven Le. Wow, I think the most incredible thing about Steven is how smart he is. He’s already finished with Calculus 2/BC in high school!! And now, he is currently taking a higher level math class, which I cannot remember the name of because it is not a common class. Like myself, Steven is a freshman at Long Beach, and he is an engineering major! Not at all a surprise, since Steven excels greatly at math and science!

During his free time, Steven likes to play League of Legends. He is currently ranked Platinum!! Apparently, that is the third highest tier in the game, which is pretty impressive ( I think ). Steven is introvert, as he claims to stay home most of the time when he is not at school. He mentions that he does want to go out and explore more, since he can. Steven drives a Toyota Corolla 2013, which is a pretty new car. His parents got it for him, which I think is very nice of them.

As the end of the semester is approaching, Steven says that he is very relieved. School has not been difficult for him, but he does not like having Friday classes. Overall, life in college for Steven has not been too different, which is why he would like to go out and explore more!

Check out Steven’s blog here!

Week 12 – Activity Feedback

3 Favorites Activities:

  • Venice Beach for painting: For me, I personally took this class thinking that it was going to be actually painting and drawing. So since this project required an activity that was more hands on, I really did enjoy it. I loved going to Venice Beach with my boyfriend and exploring around. Venice Beach was a great visit, and it definitely has its own unique culture.
  • Kickstarter Film Festival: We actually did this for extra credit, but nonetheless, this stands as one of my favorite activities. I loved seeing the different inventions and creations that people showcased at their booths. My favorite part was sitting down in front of the big screen and watching the different excerpts of the films.
  • Do it yourself: I love having a lot of freedom and room to explore. This activity was great, because it allowed to be experiment with something I don’t do often. I learned that cooking saves a lot of money, and with patience and dedication, the result will be wonderful. I mean, who doesn’t love food?

3 Least Favorite Activities:

  • Plaster Caster: Because of my hectic work schedule, I couldn’t partner up with Victor, Denzel, and Irene to go to the beach and the activity. As a result, I had to buy my own carton of plaster, which I could have easily split with another person and save money. Also, because I worked all day, I actually had to go to the beach and drag sand home, which was a hassle.
  • Drawing on French Girls: My phone is just way too small for this activity, and I honestly wish we did something more hands on, like create an actual drawing. Maybe we could have drawn a person or an object, and brought it in and talked about it with a classmate. I feel like this would allow us to connect deeper with art.
  • Kickstarter Vlog: I wish we stuck to just writing a paragraph…I know that with inventions or proposing ideas, it is probably better to explain oneself in a video, but I dislike recording myself. Plus, I found this activity slightly irrelevant, because many of us were not really actually going to start up a Kickstarter project.

Overall, I enjoyed this class. I LOVE the fact that we have classmate conversations, because it allows everyone to get to know each other. I also think that it allows the introverts to open a little. Personally, I had the pleasure of introducing people to interview one another, since many of my friends were on the shyer side. I appreciate that our instructor was super passionate about art and had us visit the art gallery every week.

One thing that could make the class better is maybe having more hands on activities….such as the plaster caster activity but something that is maybe less of a hassle? I would definitely love to learn how to paint with acrylic, and maybe we could dedicate a month to creating a painting/drawing and have it count as a bigger grade?

Week 12 – Activity – Teach One

10522392_1522856017984808_825441841_n 10816226_1522850557985354_1805349788_n

So, this week, as an activity, we were supposed to teach someone how to do something. As much as he disliked it, I forced my cousin to learn how to put on my make up. I will admit, because he has never done it before, I did intervene many times to help him (and myself). The only part that he did solely on his own was my eyebrows…and I must say he did pretty well for his first time! I had to remind him many times to do this slowly and not to load the brush with too much powder or brow creme.

I am glad that I planned ahead of time, because everything took about two hours. I had somewhere to go, and thinking back, I wondered why I chose a day where I had an event to attend to do this activity. However, luckily my cousin seems to have some potential to be a make up artist…At the very least, his hands are steady.

Overall, from this project, I learned that giving directions/instructions can be very difficult, especially when it comes to make up. I also realize that teaching someone something requires a lot of patience…which I lack. In the end, my cousin and I had a lot of fun, and I appreciate him agreeing to help me in this activity!

Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Timothy Cooper


I really love this art piece, and I would have to say that this is one of my favorites. Personally, I love simplicity, and I strongly believe in “less is more” (most of the time). Timothy Cooper’s piece consisted of one hundred forty-five small white places in a cross shape. For some reason, I was reminded of Asian decorated and decor…and then of course food, since these were plates. Other than the plates themselves, the lighting also strongly contributed to the overall result of this artwork. The lighting is almost perfectly aligned with only the plates, thus making it the main focus when someone steps into the gallery room.

At first, I thought the plates were made of porcelain, but after asking around, I realize that Timothy is a ceramics artist, and therefore, the plates were made of clay. When I inspect this art piece closer, I noticed that all of the plates were all different. from afar, I just assumed that the plates were all the same – white and plain. However, the plates were all patterned differently, with different swirls.

In his artist statement, Cooper described how this piece is meant to portray the idea of coming together. The different designs on the plates reminds me of how everyone is different, but people can still come together and work together as long as they have a common goal or thought in mind. A group effort can easily create something beautiful and wonderful – just like how the different plates come together to create a simplistic, yet astounding art piece.

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