Week 1 – Classmate Conversation – David Ngo


Walking through the gallery, I found many different art pieces, from abstract to contemporary art. Among many classmates that I talked to that day, I chose David Ngo as my partner, because I bumped into him and Dominic a lot. Most of the time, I found that David was usually in awe of all the artwork he saw throughout the gallery. He sometimes thought certain abstract pieces were absurd or questioned “this is considered art”? But by the end of everything, I think he just grew to accept everything was art, since we all decided that art can be beyond the visual and depict a deeper meaning. I’ve learned from my previous art teacher that people make certain art that is not easily understood, and sometimes, it could be during a movement that it not popular historically. Knowing this, I, myself, have learned to look at art with an open heart and mind.



Both David and I were very astonished by this piece. We questioned what the artwork meant, and we were both very confused. Like, why would it tell us to glorify trash. I mean, trash is considered trash for a reason right? But then we both exchanged thoughts and decided that maybe the artist wants us to not conform so easily. To “glorify trash” means to do the opposite of what society expects one to do, and by doing so, one can be enlightened and fulfilled. If we all just act “normal”, do “normal” things, or say “normal” things, then we are very different from one another. Both David and I thought that we would just be lifeless robots if we just stuck to the norm, and so glorifying trash would be a way to live a more meaningful life. We both thought the girl behind the words was Miley Cyrus due to how she is dressed and portrayed in this piece. Indeed, she does look what society would call “trashy”, but the artist wants us to embrace the trashiness. It is a form of self expression, and I believe the artist wants to speak against judging someone and belittling them due to their personal life choices and decisions.

All in all, this piece of artwork was quite a brain teaser. At a quick glance, you’d wonder why someone doing an artwork in a style of a meme you could easily find on Tumblr or 9gag, but after a moment of deep thought, you could really understand what is meant. And maybe David and I were wrong about the overall meaning of the message, but as far as we know, it is what we find relevant to us and our society today.

Check out David’s blog!


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