Week 2 – Classmate Conversation – Celine Phan




On Thursday, my classmate that I partnered up with Celine Phan. Like myself, she is a freshman who came from the same area as I did. She attended Fountain Valley High School and is currently working at Zero Degrees Italian Ice. She wants to be a veterinarian, so she is currently majoring in Biology. However, she does not like her science classes so far, so I tried to encourage to change her major to Business. Celine, like myself, is a pretty extroverted person who loves to converse and go out.




Both Celine and I found this piece very intriguing! Not only was it an actual sculpted sidewalk, instead of a painted or drawn one, but it was portrayed beautifully. We loved how the artist chose to project little splatters of colors onto it, making the sidewalk more than just the plain, average sidewalk that we walk onto everyday. Who knew a cracked sidewalk could be so alluring? It literally caught mine and Celine’s attention right away. We both thought it was real neat. Personally, I never really look at 3D art often, and so seeing this one was pretty amazing for me. I was very impressed with how creative the artist was, and Celine commented that the lighting from the projector set a very mysterious mood to it.

We both believed that the message behind it was that anything could be beautiful, even broken things that are stepped onto everyday. We thought it was symbolic for people who have experienced traumatic events or even depression but can still be beautiful no matter what. Even if someone is broken, it does not mean that they were worth any less. In fact, Celine and I both agreed that everything a person could face in life is what makes them unique and different. This sidewalk is indeed cracked and not in one piece, but with its pretty little colors, it is still one good sidewalk! 

 Make sure to check out Celine Phan’s page!



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