Week 2 – GLAMFA ARTIST – Bridget Batch

WEEK2 week2gay

This week, I found these two pieces by Bridget Batch titled “Owens Lake Performance” which I found completely mesmerizing. I really liked how she used all cool colors to make this piece, because it sets a very calming mood and atmosphere. I felt lost while staring into this piece, but not in a bad way! It was actually rather enchanting, and I believe part of Batch’s purpose was to have us appreciate what is in front of us, even if we do not know exactly why or how.

What I really liked was the green blurry lines that came out in the photo. It gives these pieces a feel of magic to it, and to me personally, it is kind of like a fantasy world. It really appeals to me because of how I imagine it to be a place full of tranquility and happiness. I never really had much appreciation for nature, and in fact, I don’t even see nature often. I spend most of my time at home, at work, at school, and I never really give myself the chance to go out and see what mother nature has to offer. To some, the earth is just a planet, but it has so much beauty to it. These photos inspire me to go out and travel one day and walk through the woods, swim through the lakes, and breathe in non-polluted, fresh air.

Bridget Batch likes to explore the ideas of how science affects how we view the world. With that being said, I believe what she means is that sometimes we forget to take a moment to appreciate what is out in the world. Science says lakes are a resource for water and is home to many animals, but to anyone, it could be so much more than that. A place like this could be a sanctuary, a sacred home of fragile thoughts and fantasies. It is what we make it to be, and Bridget Batch surely reminds us of this.

Check out Bridget Batch’s page here.


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