Week 2 – Weekly Activity – Instagram

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For this week’s instagram project, I decided to take one selfie, two pictures of food, and a photo of a piece from the art gallery that I found neat. I took a selfie, because my Instagram is about me, my life, and basically me. In that moment, I felt like making a silly face, since I was waiting for gap to be over. Not to mention, I was pretty thrilled with the sitting under the shade since it was a pretty hot day. I also instagrammed food, because well….it was the first time I tried Cha For Tea (I’ll probably be coming back often, since it is actually super close to school) and Five Guy’s. The burger itself looks pretty messy, but messy burgers are always enjoyable. The greatest thing about Five Guy’s is that they have a great variety of “toppings” to choose from and they are UNLIMITED. The photo does not show it too well, but my burger has lots of mushrooms. I LOVE mushrooms!

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As I looked through the photos that were tagged Art110F14, I found a lot of cool photos. The one up there with a guy in the air with his bike is pretty impressive. First off, this guy is driving, yet he was able to capture a guy in mid air with his bike! Isn’t it a safety hazard to take photos while driving? Anyway, so I’m pretty amazed with my classmate for doing this and also amazed at how the guy he captured is able to do this. I always find people doing things mid air fascinating (skateboard tricks, basketball tricks, etc.) so I thought that pretty cool. The second photo I absolutely adored was my classmate with a little kid taking a very adorable selfie with peace signs. Personally, I love throwing up peace signs in photos when I’m trying to be silly or when I want to show that I’m having a great time. I also appreciate that the photo captured a very loving moment, and you could totally tell that they were having an awesome bonding moment with each other! I wonder if they’re siblings or maybe even just family friends. Either way, you could definitely feel their joy and happiness in one photo.

Looking through all the photos, I realize that everyone has one things in common when it comes to Instagram: we like to post things that we find amusing, things that bring (mostly) positive attention toward ourselves, and things that make us feel good in general. Instagram is a tool in which we use to project what we want the world around us to see. Even if a person is just simply pumping gas or taking a walk, a moment that is captured through one Instagram photo can really tell about how the person is living his or her life or at least how he or she is perceiving that moment in time. Instagram really allows its users to create an artistic moment to share with the world, and overall, it is a great tool for building self esteem and confidence. The likes and comments you receive could be a sign of a connection between you and your followers. Perhaps, they share your same interests, find your selfie really attractive, or would really like to try the place you just dined in at! Either way, Instagram is a great networking application with a great artsy feel to it.


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