Week 3 – Artist Interview – Vav Vavrek

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This week, the art gallery had a whole room full of electronic devices, which I found to be pretty cool. It was like I stepped into a futuristic world (ironic, because most of the tv’s are actually old) and everything just seemed kind of foreign to me. Nonetheless, I found it to be very intriguing and exciting at the same time. I loved how the television screens were all colorful statics! I thought it just all came together very well. The artist also had walls of projected, colorful lights, which contributed to the futuristic mood. I kind of felt like I was in outer space. At least, it would be how I’d imagine outer space to be like!

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Okay, so the artist is named Vav Vavrek, and I was pretty much very awed by his explanation of his purpose behind this artwork. In his artist statement, he talks about how we as a society are so used to constantly having new technology that we often neglect and ignore the old things. These televisions, overhead projectors, software readers, etc. were all once great inventions. In fact, they were the basis and foundation of our oh so great and modern technology today. However, we forget that, and most of us throw things like this out or leave it to the side just to be abandoned and ignored. We fail to appreciate its usefulness, even though it was what has lead us to where we are with technology today. As a result, we waste, waste, and waste away at our resources instead of embracing the materials we already have. By doing so, everything kind of becomes a mess (for instance, global warming, pollution, lack of resources, economic/political issues), which is portrayed through the placement of these objects. Vavrek also talks about how this art piece personally relates to how the original intentions or emotions of his works is sometimes lost. Like how those older televisions are abandoned, he feels as though the meaning behind everything is easily dissolved or forgotten.

In my opinion, I think it overall relates to how we treat the Earth as if it is invincible. Sure, it is very big and resourceful, but we are using up its resources faster than it can produce for us. We waste what we have, and we only want to satisfy our impulses and desires. Like today, people are always wanting the latest gadgets (laptops, phones, video game stystems, etc.). Not only that, but companies are making new versions of these electronic devices in order to profit. Companies KNOW that people are impulsive and love new technology, and so they will constantly create newer versions of things in order to make more money. Honestly, I think that releasing a new version of the iPhone or Android in less than a year is a bit too much. I still have the iPhone 5, and it is my first phone. People, however, are complaining that they NEED to have the iPhone 6, when the iPhone 5S has not come out too long ago.



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