Week 3 – Classmate Conversation – Sam Gold


This week, I met Sam Gold who is majoring in Business and a first year at California State University of Long Beach, like myself! He attended Grenada Hills High School, and he is currently staying at the dorms while attending school here at Long beach. He seemed like a shy guy at first when I approached him, and I feared that he would not want to have a full on conversation. However, I found that Sam is actually pretty friendly and talkative (he just would not approach people first).

One thing we both have in common is that we both did swim in high school! He works as a lifeguard at a private pool, which I thought was pretty admirable, since I’d imagine you’d have to be pretty skillful and careful. Sam and I also discussed how we chose Long Beach because it is a relatively nice school. Both of us did not want to go to the Cal State that our high school was connected to, since we thought it would just be like high school all over again. For me, it was Fullerton, and for him, it was Northridge!

I was craving Korean BBQ the day that I met Sam, and so I asked if he wanted to go with me to eat. Sadly, he declined because he had class right after Art 110. But, we agreed he had to try it sometime because it is all you can eat meat for only ten dollars (he has never had it before).

Overall, I found that Sam is a person who loves to look forward to the good things in life. From our conversations and his responses, I can tell that he is definitely going to make the best out of his stay here. He’s joining a fraternity, and I am excited for him because I believe it will a stepping stone for him at Long Beach. His experience in a fraternity, I believe, will definitely create a positive impact on his road to success!

Visit Sam’s page here!


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