Week 3 – Extra Credit – Kickstarter Film Festival


Okay, so instead of going to the Kickstarter Film Festival right away, my boyfriend and I actually went to the Griffith Observatory. On the Kickstarter website, it stated that the event would be located at the Autry in Griffith Park. Silly me, being from Orange County and totally uninformed, automatically assumed that it was the same location as the Observatory. So, my boyfriend and I basically drove up the little hill, struggled to find parking, walked up to the Observatory thinking that the film festival was going to be there somehow, and after walking up and down the museum, we realized that the film festival was obviously not there. That picture is a photo I was able to snap while being at the Observatory, and I thought it was neat how the sun was setting, making the sky a nice peachy, orange-y color. Under normal circumstances, I’m sure that my boyfriend and I would have considered it a date night, but we were kind of freaked out about not finding the Film Festival right away ):


This is me standing in front of the Kickstarter Film Festival entrance sign, and sadly, my phone died right after since I was constantly on the GPS ): Anyway, upon entering the festival grounds, we saw a lot of stands that offered snacks and refreshments. We were pretty thirsty from walking up and down the hill at the Observatory, so we decided to try the Secret Squirrel coffee! We both ordered the Vanilla Almond flavor, and each cup was two dollars. I love that the coffee was cold, and it definitely quenched my thirst. What I found super neat-o was how the straws they offered were basically cardboard, but the design was basically a swirled pinstripe (red and white). The straw was just way too cute and retro!

After getting our coffee, we decided to sit on the grass on toward the back on the right side. We both thought it was pretty interesting how people actually brought our their own chairs and blankets, because we didn’t think of it. Sadly, my legs did suffer a little bit of itching from the grass, but it was all well worth it. Both my boyfriend and I really liked the excerpt of the film about the Highway 127 and its 600 mile yard sale. It was just fascinating how everyone just drives up to a spot and sells it right there! Not only that but people could just pullover, stop by, and pick up something they find appealing? I definitely want to drive by this 600 mile yard sale one day. The concept of just selling your things on a highway is definitely intriguing. I definitely hope that this film gets funded!

The festival was a first time experience for me. It was far different from a normal fair or festival, and the people around seemed to really know what it was really all about. I felt kind of lost upon entering the festival grounds, but I enjoyed my time there nonetheless! It kind of reminded me of a drive-thru movie theatre (which I’ve never been to, but would love to one day) because of there was just one huge screen and a bunch of people gathering to watch it. I think the KickStarter is a great project that basically serves to funds other projects, and it is really nice of them to throw together a little festival to have people get their inventions or creations known!


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