Week 4 – Activity – Plaster Caster


This week’s project is Plaster Casting! Okay, so I know the idea was that we were supposed to do everything at the beach, but I ended up just bringing a bunch of sand home in a bucket and doing the project the following day. I went to the beach at night time, because I was busy all the other times due to work. I did enjoy scooping the sand with red plastic cups, since I totally forgot to bring a shovel. The biggest struggle was having to carry the big bucket of sand back to the car. Boy, that was heavy!

Anyway, so I bought the plaster as well as a bucket for mixing the plaster and water together all at Home Depot right by my house! I brought everything to my backyard afterwards, and I decided that I would make a mold of my hand. I added a bit of my own water to the sand so that it was not completely dry, in order to make the shape of my hand a lot easier. I stuck my hand in, and I had to make sure that the sand was wet enough to maintain the shape of my hand. Then, I slowly pulled my hand out, and luckily, everything was still in place! I decided to then mix the plaster, and I must say, it gets thick really quickly! I guess that is why you have to mix it really fast. I had fun mixing it together though 🙂

Upon reaching the ideal consistency, I carefully poured the plaster and water mix into my sand mold and waited for about 45 minutes just to be safe. I took out the my hand plaster mold, and I was amazed at how well the shape the turns out. Sure some of my fingers ended up sticking together, but it definitely came out looking like a hand! I’m glad it turned out the way I wanted it to! It was definitely worth dealing with the heavy sand bucket!


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