Week 4 – Artist Interview – Jeannette Viveros


After asking Jeannette Viveros a few questions, I believe this whole piece was made because she does adore the color pick. However, I believe it is also to sort of mock the whole idea that girls are supposed to be into the color pink while guys are supposed to be into the color blue. Pink somehow managed to represent feminism and girly-ness over the past decades or so. Jeannette Viveros explained that back in the ancient or medieval times, it would have been the opposite apparently. Guys back then were able to wear pink, and there would be no questions asked. But today, if a guy were to wear pink, he would be looked at strangely, or people would not find it at all conventional.

Clearly, Viveros feels strongly about the gender labels that come along with the color pink. Although it does seem like she loves pink, she does not want it to be just a color for girls to wear, because it is “feminine”. Everyone should be able to embrace the color pink, because it is a great color, not because it represents being a girl.

I really liked how furry and soft the pink walls were! The hooks coming down from the ceiling made Utterly Pink even more intriguing as an artwork. Overall, being in that room made me want to have a pink furry wall myself! I never really had much appreciation for the color pink, but after being in that room, I think I’m reconsidering my opinion of it. It is a very sassy color!


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