Week 4 – Classmate Conversation – Denzel Belleza


This week, I interviewed Denzel Belleza! He was actually named after the actor Denzel Washington by both his parents. Denzel was born here in Long Beach, but his mom continuously took him back to the Philippines. As a result, he spent eight years of his whole entire life in the Philippines. His older sister just came to America for the first time from the Philippines last year.

Denzel attended Millikan High School, and he is now at Long Beach with the intentions of majoring in mechanical engineering. He says he really enjoys college, because he is able to go out a lot more. His parents are usually kind of strict, and it bothers them that he comes home very late now. However, it is refreshing for him, since he was able to be as social and outgoing in high school.

One thing that everyone has to know about Denzel is that he LOVES to break dance. It is his ultimate passion and hobby in life. He’s even in the break dance club here at Long Beach! Another interest of his is that he likes to sketch and doodle from time to time. It helps him past the time whenever he’s bored or feeling fidgety.

Overall, Denzel comes off as a very shift and quiet person in the beginning. But as you get to know him, he is actually very humorous! He was actually social enough to go eat with me on the first day I met him! You can check out his page here!


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