Week 5 – Activity – Counterfeit Identity


So this week, our activity is to dress as someone different or even take on a different persona. For the activity, I decided to wear a dress,put on make up, and act sassier than usual. Above is the after and before picture. As seen on the right picture, I am usually very casual at school: I don’t usually put on make up, I just wear a plain and simple outfit. I decided to approach Victor Kan, who decided to dress up as a rebel/thug to ask him questions regarding how I looked or what kind of person I seem to be.

The responses I received were exactly what I aimed to be! Victor (as well as many other people) told me that I looked like a party girl. In fact, he even said I looked like a sorority girl, which I thought was funny because I never really considered pledging for a sorority. It just is not in my interest…so that was different. I don’t know what he meant by this, but he also said I seem like I hung out with White girls. I’m assuming he is suggesting that White girls are more extroverted than Asian girls?

When I asked Victor what major I was, he guessed that I was a Fashion Design major, saying that most fashion majors tend to dress well. I was actually flattered. In actuality, I am a Psychology major with a minor in Criminal Justice (Completely different right)?

Overall, I had a lot of fun exploring this whole counterfeit identity thing. I realize that I can give off a totally different vibe if I just tweak how I speak a little and dress up a little. Unfortunately, I am too lazy to wake up in the morning earlier and do my make up and dress up. I was very happy with the results I got though, because they were exactly what I was looking for. This activity definitely taught me a lot about myself. If I ever need a confidence boost, I just have to do my make up and dress a bit nicer (:


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