Week 5 – Artist Interview – Mike Lewis



This week, I had the pleasure of enjoying Mike Lewis’s Broken Container. From having just images of rag pieces hung onto trees to actual rags hanging on the walls of the art gallery, I found his artwork very intriguing. It really captures how lost or confused Lewis may feel about this landscape in his hometown. As the title of this artwork’s piece suggests, everything indeed seems “broken” and torn.

Lewis tells us that this Broken Container place holds nothing permanent, which is clearly shown by how the rags are ripped, clearly suggesting that nothing lasts. Things may come together at this special place, but things will always fall apart as well. However, Lewis does not fail to point out that this Container is able to inspire a special value to everything, even if its neglected or broken apart. It is clear that this place holds a very special place in Lewis’s memories, and it is perhaps even a place he considers a safe haven, despite being called a broken container.

Lewis also reveals that he and the container’s inhabitants still “talk” and are always conversing, implying that he may sometimes physically visit this place or visit it in his memories. Perhaps he comes back when he himself is feeling “broken” or neglected and relies on the container to reassure himself or to pick himself back up. The way he may depend on this broken container is probably similar to how people depend on religion to constantly move forward in life. As long as their is some sort of cushion, people will gradually master resilience. Overall, we can see that Lewis has a very special, strong connection to this place in his hometown. The Broken Container is probably not so broken afterall!


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