Week 5 – Classmate Interview – Irene Shin


This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Irene Shin! She is full Korean, and she attended Cypress High School. It was very easy to talk to Irene, because not only was she responsive, but very social as well. She was born in Fountain Valley, but now she lives in the Cypress area. Like myself, she is a freshman! She is currently majoring in nursing. As for academics, she claims to not be good at math, but she wants to take Calculus next semester to challenge herself (and probably because it’ll be required for her major). Nursing is a very impacted major she says, but that leads me to believe that Irene is a hard worker! Irene hopes to start off as a registered nurse and then later become a nurse practitioner.

Many Koreans that I know of own a separate refrigerator for their Kim Chi. Since I met Irene and found out she was Korean, I asked her right away if she had happened to own a Kim Chi refrigerator. To my surprise she does not own one! She says her mom actually buys food out a lot instead of cooking at home. As for her family life, she says her parents can be strict. If she goes out too late, they will call her many times.

Overall, Irene is very engaged in her studies because of her nursing major. She does wish to travel and go out a lot more, but with college for the next four years, she says she will not have time to. Irene always makes time for her friends, though, which left me the impression that she is very thoughtful and caring. I liked talking to Irene very much, and I hope to get to know her better throughout the semester and beyond!


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