Week 6 – Activity- French Girls!


For this week’s activity, we were assigned to draw on a drawing application called French Girls. Prior to this, Glenn had already mentioned the application a few weeks back, and so I had already downloaded it! I thought the application was super neat, and luckily, I decided to keep it. Personally, I dislike using the app on my iPhone, because my iPhone has such a small screen. Now, I am no artist, but I know I could definitely create much better pieces on something like an iPad. My fingers are sadly way too stubby, and my hand shakes a lot. So, the above is my attempt to draw someone with nice brown hair. I tried my best to imitate the strokes of her hair, but I just could not get it right. However, I did enjoy attempting to draw her, even though the results did not come out the way I had hoped.


Above is a selfie I took along with someone’s drawing of it! This made me smile when I saw it, because I could really tell they tried their best. Like myself, they were probably using a small iphone as well, but their efforts are seen nonetheless. They definitely nailed down the smile I had on my face and my blue shirt!

10721430_1501759030094507_421783366_n 10723421_1501759040094506_1444110121_n

These are a few of my favorites on French Girls! Look at how creative the first one is, the artist added a little bug on her shoulder. I’m assuming from the hashtag on the side that they were trying to turn her into an XMEN character? Whatever it is, it turned out pretty neat. The second one above is one I admire a lot because of how close the artist got to the real picture. I mean, this probably took a LONG time, with all those details and accurate coloring and shading. I love how creative people can get with digital art, and it makes me appreciate technology even more!

All in all, this is probably one of my favorite activities assigned. I love going through my French Girls feed and seeing all the great things people can do. Some of them are drawn to be realistic while others are extremely creative and add extensions to each photo. Thanks for introducing us to the great app, Glenn!


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