Week 6 – Artist Interview – Isaiah Ulloa

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This week, I had the pleasure of looking at Isaiah Ulloa’s art. This artwork is called Labyrinth, and at first, I thought this was ironic, since Labyrinth suggests complexity and intricacy, and I initially thought the artwork was quite simple at first glance. Of course, as I approached these pieces of art to take a closer look, I was definitely proven wrong. Each piece I saw was a hand crafted sculpture, and I was able to see that there are a lot of details put together for each sculpture. I was fascinated, because this was one of the rare times I’ve actually seen sculptures, since I usually choose to view 2D art. However, I think I will go out of my way to see 3D art from now on. They are quite fascinating!

Ulloa explains that with every goal or dream, there comes a lot of thinking and pondering following behind it. When someone wants to create something, they usually craft it carefully in their minds first, in order to ensure that the outcome would be satisfying. But, Ulloa also mentions that along the way, people will find different inspirations, gradually causing the outcome to be different than initially intended. This is not a bad thing; it makes the work more interesting and a deeper story behind it.

When I asked Ulloa about the medium of the sculpture, he explained that it was made of a special kind of foam. I thought that the foam imitated the visual texture of snow extremely well, especially with the sculpture of the body. Ulloa also revealed to me that the sculpture of the body was his own body, and the funny looking face sculpture was also his own face. In order to create all of this, Ulloa used a 3D printer, which is pretty amazing because I honestly did not even know that 3D printers existed up until now. Ulloa is also very fond of how far technology has gone, which is why he took advantage of it and made these pieces!

My overall favorite sculpture from his artwork set is definitely the body lying on its side. It gave off a very mysterious, eerie aura, which made somewhat pitiful for the body (even though it isn’t real). I just thought that if I were to ever encounter someone lying down like that in the snow, I would be terrified and confused.


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