Week 6 – Classmate Interview – Uriel Reveles!


This week, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the car enthusiast Uriel Reveles! Uriel was very friendly and easy to talk to. After talking to him, I actually felt as though we had spoken to each other before, since the flow of our conversation was so natural! As mentioned earlier, Uriel is VERY much into cars. He can even fix them up a bit and work with their stereo sounds. I thought meeting him on Thursday was pretty coincidental, since I had just gotten my car towed right from overheating right before meeting him. Now I know who to go to when my car overheats next time!

Did you know that Uriel is the third one in his immediate family to attend CSULB? That’s right! He also has older sisters attending the same school, and I thought that was pretty cool. He’s majoring in engineering, and I’m guessing that’s obviously because he’s interested in cars and would like to work with them in the future. Uriel is currently a sophomore, and he says that college is very enjoyable for him. He was born in Bellflower but was raised in Compton. When I asked if Compton was as scary as the media portrayed it to be, he said no and said it was actually really fun there. I guess the media tends to over exaggerate certain things..He attended Centennial High School in the same city and claims that high school was fun as well.

Uriel also enjoys sports. Personally, he loves playing soccer but also loves watching basketball games, like the NBA. His favorite team is the Boston Celtics. He also loves listening to Hip-Hop/Rap and not the mainstream kind. He is fond of the old school style that hip hop and rap used to revolve around, because he says those songs tend to be more meaningful. He tells me that he loves meeting new people and describes himself to be “easy-going”. I thought that was very fitting for him.

Initially, Uriel took art because it was required for his GE’s. However, over the last few weeks, Uriel was really grown to love the class. He says that he appreciates that art allows people to express themselves, and he loves seeing the things that people can produce out of their own creativity. He thinks this class is very chill and enjoyable, which I cannot disagree to!

Check out his blog here!


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