Week 7 – Activity – Paint at Venice Beach!


On Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to Venice Beach to spray paint on the art walls! I have not gone to the beach in a while, so this was super exciting for me. It was about a fifty minute drive, which was not too bad at all. But, it was extremely hot, and I was sweating a lot during the car ride. Upon arrival, my boyfriend and I were confused at where to park. We parked in a small parking garage which cost us fifteen dollars, and it was not even the closest parking! On the bright side, it was inside parking, so our car was not super hot by the time we got back and finished. There was parking on the actual beach for just nine dollars!

When we first stepped foot, we immediately saw a bunch of entertainment stands and a LOT of medical marijuana shops, which gave out a super hippie vibe. We also saw a spray painting of “A Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh, and I was super amazed at how detailed the artist got. I really enjoyed walking down the little pathway, because literally every step you take, you will see something new or interesting. I personally did not like the fact that the food and drinks were overpriced, but I think it is because it is a tourist spot.

At first, my boyfriend and I walked way past the art walls, because we were unsure of where it was. We asked two police officers taking a stroll down the pathway, and they explained to us that it was right next to the skate park. This was convenient, since my boyfriend is a skater himself. When I first approached the walls, I was confused at where to spray paint, because I did not want to paint over someone else’s beautiful work. Then, I realized that people are going to constantly paint over everyone else’s, so i decided to pick a spot where someone else’s work was a little bit faded out. I thought my name was too bland to write out, so I decided to go with “#art110”. This was actually the first time I have ever used spray paint, and I must say you have a lot less control than a paint brush! It was tricky at first, but it got better after a couple of times. I chose turquoise, white, and black for my color choices, since my boyfriend already had some spray paint cans at home!

Overall, this was a fun experience, because I love the beach, and Venice Beach is just so full of culture! It was definitely worth the drive and the heat as well as paying four dollars for a bottle of Powerade.


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