Week 7 – Classmate Interview – Greg Violan


This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Greg! I have always seen Greg around class, and we also have mutual friends. However, this is the first time we really spoke and got to know each other. Greg is actually not talkative at all at first. He is the type of person who is usually in his own world until someone approaches him. I suppose that makes Greg quite the introvert.

To start off with the basics, Greg is a graduate from Long Beach Polytechnic high school! He explains that the school itself was pretty “ghetto”, but it was not too bad because people “get used to it”. To my surpise, Greg is actually a second year here at Cal State Long Beach. Because of his shy nature, I honestly thought he was a first year like I am. He is currently majoring in computer science, and he LOVES to play computer games. I thought that made total sense, because he is pretty introverted so it totally fits him. I used to play video games myself, but I no longer have the time too ):

About Greg and his preferences: He loves Asian food! For example, he loves Chinese take out as well as Korean BBQ. When I asked what type of girls he likes, Greg simply said any type of girl except for Filipino girls, which I thought was odd, since Greg himself is actually Filipino. I guess people have interesting tastes right? Greg is also very fond of art, because he believes is very creative and expressive. He is very fascinated by artworks that he sees at the galleries here at Cal State Long Beach.

Check out Greg’s page here!


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