Week 8 – Activity – ePortfolio


Above on the left is my before picture and on the right is the after editing my blog! I also added a header but as I scrolled down it disappeared to the top, but if you check my blog you can see I added a picture of some red wood trees that I took while hiking a while back. Personally, I thought adding an About section would be the most important thing, because it introduces myself as the author of the blog. Since I am a psychology major, this blog would especially useful, since it basically collects all of my meetings and interactions with people. So with that being said, I believe everything is pretty self-explanatory. I like the simplicity of this theme I found for free (there were much nicer ones but I am on a budget!), so I decided to keep it. Overall, I hope that someone can definitely tell what I am into from glancing at my blog (getting to know people, talking and interacting, bringing people together, etc.). The simple and perhaps plain aesthetics of my blog may say I’m quite the boring person, but my blog posts will say otherwise!


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