Week 8 – Artist Interview – Brian Davis


I love this piece, because it’s made out of many colorful stones and mineral. Recently, I have been seeing a lot more of 3D art in the galleries, and I love it! From the looks of it, it is clear that Davis has worked really hard to craft this piece. This piece kind of reminds me of a standing bowl of fruity pebbles, because of its round shape and colorful shards.

According to his artist statement, Davis used clay and fired this piece three times! I can only imagine how much hard work and dedication he has put into this piece. Davis intended for the pieces of clay to create frames, which I think is pretty neat. Other than clay, Davis managed to use glass, metal and other materials. He explains that these materials are very hard to use together, but he was able to achieve using them together. A lot of textures were creating by using layers of the materials, which can take a lot of time. I am amazed at how much patience was put into this work. Initially, I did not know that the basis of this piece was clay, but now I know it is because he incorporated many other materials!

Davis is especially proud of this finished piece, because of all the different frames, its transparency, and how it reflects light differently. It sounds like a lot of science was put into this! I think this can be defined as abstract art. I’m glad Davis was able to be bold with his creativity and put this together!


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