Week 8 – Classmate Interview – Kevin Kwon


All right, so I actually met Kevin a month and a half or so ago, because I was walking around the galleries asking anyone if they wanted to get Korean BBQ with me ( I was really craving it ). However, after being rejected, I did not really talk to Kevin after that until this week. Kevin is currently attending CSULB as a third year, and he is an engineer major! He dresses very sporty, and that is because he is VERY into sports. Upon adding each other on Facebook, I found out he and I have a mutual friend whom is my coworker! They went to Cypress High School together.

Kevin has somewhat of an outgoing personality. As bold as I was approaching him to ask him if he wanted to eat KOREAN BBQ, he reciprocated the same activeness. Kevin is currently working at T shirt shop, which I think is pretty cool, because it sounds like he really enjoys what he does. I work at a Korean BBQ place as a hostess, and he thought that was coincidental, since I met him and asked him if he wanted to eat it. In his free time, Kevin likes to go to the gym, as he believes being in shape and maintaining your body is important. He wants to stay healthy for a very long time! I asked if he did any diets in order to maintain his body, and he said no, because he believes as long as you work it out, then it should be okay. Personally, I like this idea, because I love food and I don’t like the idea of cutting something off, because it is “healthier”. There are always other alternatives!

Overall, Kevin is a very funny person. He cracked lots of jokes during our interview. I hope that we get to hang out more, because he is the very easy going type! Check out his page here!


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