Week 10 – Artist Interview – Almira Nikravesh


So, this piece was definitely astounding…it was definitely unfortunate that Almira herself was not there for me to interivew. However, I did get a little bit of information from Isaiah Ulloa, an artist that was present at the gallery.

First of all, I think it is AMAZING that these pennies are NOT glued together. Isaiah mentioned that he was very anxious to see students come so close to the piece and even touching it to attempt to count the pennies. I couldn’t believe it at first, because I wondered “how could you guys move it here, if these pennies aren’t glued in anyway”. To my surprise, Almira actually built the piece here in the gallery! He told me she spent about 48-72 hours (I honestly forgot the specific amount of hours, but it was definitely at least two days) in the gallery to build this piece.

If I were to guess, I bet it would be about 1000 dollars worth of pennies. Some people may it sounds crazy at first, but when you start taking notice of how closely stacked the pennies are and how many rows and columns, you will begin to realize that there are a lot of pennies….Isaiah mentioned that Almira has yet to reveal the exact of money there is. I hope I will find out eventually, because I am quite curious.

This piece is called Time and Money…and even though she was not here for me to ask her what inspired her to create this piece, I am going to assume it has to do with the great debate about whether or not the government should get rid of pennies. I have read articles about how some people argue that pennies are a hassle and a waste of time, and most of them fail to flow back into circulation. I may be wrong, but this is my best guest on how this piece came to be.


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