Week 10 – Classmate Interview – David Aceves


This week, I had the pleasure of getting to know David Aceves! First of all, I definitely did not expect him to be a senior in college. I figured he was either a sophomore or a freshman like myself. I thought he looked really young, and I hope that is taken as a compliment!

What I found really amazing about David was that he himself with a couple other friends built a 3-D printer. I have never seen a 3-D printer in my life, but I do recall an artist in the galleries making sculptures from a 3-D printer. I think it’s fascinating that David contributed to building one himself, because I would image it would take a lot of dedication and time. And, I think this is great, because it fits his major (civil engineering). Some people feel pressured to be a certain major because of pressure from their parents or society, but it seems as though David does honestly enjoy what he is going to pursue. I have great respect for that, simply because I feel pretty lost about what I want to do later in life..I’m glad David has a good idea of how he wants his future to be.

Aside from making sculptures and building things, David mentioned that he was a part of the sailing club at Long Beach. He even told us how they were able to go to Catalina Island, which amazed me, because I know I should definitely start joining clubs next semester. David says he is taking art 110, because he needs it to graduate. However, he does enjoy looking at the sculptures in the galleries among other art pieces. And, since he is a civil engineering major, I couldn’t help but ask him if he preferred physics or math. He said physics, which is a subject I would never be able to grasp or understand. I admire people who are able to thoroughly understand physics.

As of now, David is working as a tutor at the Horn Center, which he does honestly enjoy. He says when there are no students coming in, he uses the time to study or do his homework, which is pretty efficient and productive. I asked him if he ever lived in the dorms, and he said yes. He thought it was expensive, and he told me he was a little bit in debt from living in the dorms. But now, he lives in a comfortable apartment with a few roommates and only pays 480$ a month. He says he’s had even cheaper rent, which actually amazes me. Overall, David was one of the more interesting people I’ve interviewed.

Check out his blog here!


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