Week 11 – Activity – Do It Yourself!

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So this week, we were supposed to do an activity on our own, which was nice, because I got to cook (or prepare stuff in the kitchen). I like anything that is related to food, and therefore, I love cooking!

I am a big fan of Carne Asada Fries, which I usually get at Alerto’s on Brookhurst and Edinger, near where I used to live. IT gets pretty pricey though…about seven bucks for a box of fries, and I do like to order it pretty often. So, this week, I decided that I would make it on my own!

I obviously did not make the meat “carne asada” style, because I lack the skills…instead I just cooked it as regular steak at medium rare. I marinated the steak with vinegar, oil, pepper, lime, and meat tenderizer. After about an hour, I put on a pan and let it cook away!

During the hour of waiting for my meat to soak in all the marination, I took about four and a half potatos and sliced them into french fry pieces! I don’t usually like potato skin, so I made sure to peel all of the potatoes first. After all the cutting and slicing was done, I threw the potato slices in a hot boiling pot of oil! Now, my french fries did not turn out as ideal as I’d hope, since I do not have an actual fryer, but it was decent nonetheless.

Next I prepared my favorite part: guacamole! I love love love guacamole, and I love making it equally as much. I used about three avocados, and used a blender to mash it up. I also diced up tomatos and onions, and added cut cilantro into the guacamole. Last but not least, I added a bit of lemon to the guacamole, just for flavoring. I love citrus flavors!

After preparing these three things, I just added store bought sour cream. Sadly, I forgot to add grated cheese, but it overall a fun experience.


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