Week 11 – Artist Interview – Romania Del Castillo


So this week, I chose Romania Del Castillo, because she had a whole gallery dedicated to all of her work. I believe the name her exhibition is called “Shifting Focus”. I found all of her works really intriguing, but the one pictured above was one I thought was the most interesting. According to Castillo, all of her artworks are made with only either charcoal, chalk, or pastel. Personally, when I was in high school and took art classes, charcoal was my favorite! I can definitely see why she would prefer to use it over other mediums.

I am unsure of the title of the specific piece she created up above, but this piece has a very eerie mood to it. The woman in the artwork looks very disconnected and detached from her world. She is holding onto a radio, but it seems as though she is not even paying attention to it. From my art class experiences, I notice that the perspective lines are off, but it is clear that the artist intended for it to be that way. After all, everything is titled “Shifting Focus”.

I am guessing that this piece revolves around the idea that people do things everyday, have a routine, and do things that they are supposed to do. But, people do it mindlessly, and they don’t really “live”. People sort of just do things because they have to, not because it makes them happy. As a result, the lack of enthusiasm and passion leads us to being disconnected from our world.


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