Week 11 – Classmate Conversation – Jerome Guzman


Jerome Guzman is actually from Lakewood, and he lives with both his parents and siblings. We are actually classmates from our Philosophy 170 class. I did not notice he was in my philosophy class until after he approached me in art a couple days ago. It is strange how you do not notice someone who has always been there until you actually meet them. Maybe, I am just not observant enough.

Jerome is currently pursuing a nursing degree, which says a lot about his studies! He is Filipino, but he says he grew up without learning how to speak the language. Ironically, even though he does not speak the language, he still tries to stay connected with his culture by cooking Filipino food! He was taught by his grandmother during his early years of childhood, and he is able to understand a little bit of the language. One major hobby of Jerome is playing basketball. Jerome says he is actually an overall fan of sports in general, but basketball is definitely his main focus! He even played basketball for two years while attending Long Beach Poly High School. Other activities that he enjoys include playing pool, surfing, and boxing.

Jerome also has a part time job, and he says that juggling school and a job can be very difficult. He notes that having a part time job significantly decreased the amount of time he is able to spend with his family. He is a middle child, having one older brother and one younger one. Overall, Jerome’s main focus is school, work, and playing basketball, which keeps him busy 24/7. One day when Jerome is no longer as busy, he hopes to be able to travel the world and be adventurous! He notes Tokyo as one of the places he would want to see the most.


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