Week 12 – Activity Feedback

3 Favorites Activities:

  • Venice Beach for painting: For me, I personally took this class thinking that it was going to be actually painting and drawing. So since this project required an activity that was more hands on, I really did enjoy it. I loved going to Venice Beach with my boyfriend and exploring around. Venice Beach was a great visit, and it definitely has its own unique culture.
  • Kickstarter Film Festival: We actually did this for extra credit, but nonetheless, this stands as one of my favorite activities. I loved seeing the different inventions and creations that people showcased at their booths. My favorite part was sitting down in front of the big screen and watching the different excerpts of the films.
  • Do it yourself: I love having a lot of freedom and room to explore. This activity was great, because it allowed to be experiment with something I don’t do often. I learned that cooking saves a lot of money, and with patience and dedication, the result will be wonderful. I mean, who doesn’t love food?

3 Least Favorite Activities:

  • Plaster Caster: Because of my hectic work schedule, I couldn’t partner up with Victor, Denzel, and Irene to go to the beach and the activity. As a result, I had to buy my own carton of plaster, which I could have easily split with another person and save money. Also, because I worked all day, I actually had to go to the beach and drag sand home, which was a hassle.
  • Drawing on French Girls: My phone is just way too small for this activity, and I honestly wish we did something more hands on, like create an actual drawing. Maybe we could have drawn a person or an object, and brought it in and talked about it with a classmate. I feel like this would allow us to connect deeper with art.
  • Kickstarter Vlog: I wish we stuck to just writing a paragraph…I know that with inventions or proposing ideas, it is probably better to explain oneself in a video, but I dislike recording myself. Plus, I found this activity slightly irrelevant, because many of us were not really actually going to start up a Kickstarter project.

Overall, I enjoyed this class. I LOVE the fact that we have classmate conversations, because it allows everyone to get to know each other. I also think that it allows the introverts to open a little. Personally, I had the pleasure of introducing people to interview one another, since many of my friends were on the shyer side. I appreciate that our instructor was super passionate about art and had us visit the art gallery every week.

One thing that could make the class better is maybe having more hands on activities….such as the plaster caster activity but something that is maybe less of a hassle? I would definitely love to learn how to paint with acrylic, and maybe we could dedicate a month to creating a painting/drawing and have it count as a bigger grade?


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