Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Timothy Cooper


I really love this art piece, and I would have to say that this is one of my favorites. Personally, I love simplicity, and I strongly believe in “less is more” (most of the time). Timothy Cooper’s piece consisted of one hundred forty-five small white places in a cross shape. For some reason, I was reminded of Asian decorated and decor…and then of course food, since these were plates. Other than the plates themselves, the lighting also strongly contributed to the overall result of this artwork. The lighting is almost perfectly aligned with only the plates, thus making it the main focus when someone steps into the gallery room.

At first, I thought the plates were made of porcelain, but after asking around, I realize that Timothy is a ceramics artist, and therefore, the plates were made of clay. When I inspect this art piece closer, I noticed that all of the plates were all different. from afar, I just assumed that the plates were all the same – white and plain. However, the plates were all patterned differently, with different swirls.

In his artist statement, Cooper described how this piece is meant to portray the idea of coming together. The different designs on the plates reminds me of how everyone is different, but people can still come together and work together as long as they have a common goal or thought in mind. A group effort can easily create something beautiful and wonderful – just like how the different plates come together to create a simplistic, yet astounding art piece.


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