Week 12 – Classmate Conversation – Savannah Cheung


This week, I got to meet and interview Savannah Cheung! I think she is adorable. Like myself, Savannah is currently a freshman / first year at CSULB! However, she does not yet know what she wants to do, so she is undeclared! Another thing that I have in common with Savannah is that we’re both from San Gabriel. The difference is that I moved to Orange County when I was about three, and she grew up there. However, she was born in Cambodia. San Gabriel is primarily full of Chinese people, and guess what? Savannah is half Chinese and partially Thai…and a mixture of other Asian ethnicit(ies). Unlike many other people that is taking Art 110, Savannah does actually enjoying involving herself in art as a hobby. She loves to paint and draw! Another hobby of hers is playing FPS console games. I’d say she is many gamer boys’ dream girl. Another thing that I have in common with Savannah is that we both are really into music, especially Alternative music!

Overall, Savannah is a very nice girl. She seems to be more on the quiet/reserved side, which makes her an introvert. ( I could be wrong of course ).

Check her out here!


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