Week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Steven Le


This week, I got to interview Steven Le. Wow, I think the most incredible thing about Steven is how smart he is. He’s already finished with Calculus 2/BC in high school!! And now, he is currently taking a higher level math class, which I cannot remember the name of because it is not a common class. Like myself, Steven is a freshman at Long Beach, and he is an engineering major! Not at all a surprise, since Steven excels greatly at math and science!

During his free time, Steven likes to play League of Legends. He is currently ranked Platinum!! Apparently, that is the third highest tier in the game, which is pretty impressive ( I think ). Steven is introvert, as he claims to stay home most of the time when he is not at school. He mentions that he does want to go out and explore more, since he can. Steven drives a Toyota Corolla 2013, which is a pretty new car. His parents got it for him, which I think is very nice of them.

As the end of the semester is approaching, Steven says that he is very relieved. School has not been difficult for him, but he does not like having Friday classes. Overall, life in college for Steven has not been too different, which is why he would like to go out and explore more!

Check out Steven’s blog here!


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