Week 15 – Artist Interview – Hyeri Kim


This week, I had the pleasure of viewing Hyeri Kim’s work! She had an exhibit named “His Extravagant Proposal”! All the works were wedding and love related, because she holds those two things with very high value and importance. The idea of love is very much influenced by her Korean heritage and culture, which is shown through the traditional wedding outfits that were in the exhibit.

All these pieces are meant to convey Kim’s idea of love, marriage, and relationships. As you can see, the piece pictured above is crafted beautifully, yet it looks ever so delicate. I was fascinated by how many different items were in the exhibit, and how they were a beautiful golden, bronze color. It seems like every one of her piece were made with strong passion, dedication, and determination. These are probably all the things that Kim believe that Love should have.

Overall, I think all of these pieces were very elegant and beautiful. Kim thinks that love is something that is sacred and beautiful. The connection between a man and a woman when they are in love is what she respects. I think learning these things from seeing Kim’s works were very interesting!


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