Week 12 – Classmate Conversation – Savannah Cheung


This week, I got to meet and interview Savannah Cheung! I think she is adorable. Like myself, Savannah is currently a freshman / first year at CSULB! However, she does not yet know what she wants to do, so she is undeclared! Another thing that I have in common with Savannah is that we’re both from San Gabriel. The difference is that I moved to Orange County when I was about three, and she grew up there. However, she was born in Cambodia. San Gabriel is primarily full of Chinese people, and guess what? Savannah is half Chinese and partially Thai…and a mixture of other Asian ethnicit(ies). Unlike many other people that is taking Art 110, Savannah does actually enjoying involving herself in art as a hobby. She loves to paint and draw! Another hobby of hers is playing FPS console games. I’d say she is many gamer boys’ dream girl. Another thing that I have in common with Savannah is that we both are really into music, especially Alternative music!

Overall, Savannah is a very nice girl. She seems to be more on the quiet/reserved side, which makes her an introvert. ( I could be wrong of course ).

Check her out here!


Week 11 – Activity – Do It Yourself!

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So this week, we were supposed to do an activity on our own, which was nice, because I got to cook (or prepare stuff in the kitchen). I like anything that is related to food, and therefore, I love cooking!

I am a big fan of Carne Asada Fries, which I usually get at Alerto’s on Brookhurst and Edinger, near where I used to live. IT gets pretty pricey though…about seven bucks for a box of fries, and I do like to order it pretty often. So, this week, I decided that I would make it on my own!

I obviously did not make the meat “carne asada” style, because I lack the skills…instead I just cooked it as regular steak at medium rare. I marinated the steak with vinegar, oil, pepper, lime, and meat tenderizer. After about an hour, I put on a pan and let it cook away!

During the hour of waiting for my meat to soak in all the marination, I took about four and a half potatos and sliced them into french fry pieces! I don’t usually like potato skin, so I made sure to peel all of the potatoes first. After all the cutting and slicing was done, I threw the potato slices in a hot boiling pot of oil! Now, my french fries did not turn out as ideal as I’d hope, since I do not have an actual fryer, but it was decent nonetheless.

Next I prepared my favorite part: guacamole! I love love love guacamole, and I love making it equally as much. I used about three avocados, and used a blender to mash it up. I also diced up tomatos and onions, and added cut cilantro into the guacamole. Last but not least, I added a bit of lemon to the guacamole, just for flavoring. I love citrus flavors!

After preparing these three things, I just added store bought sour cream. Sadly, I forgot to add grated cheese, but it overall a fun experience.

Week 11 – Artist Interview – Romania Del Castillo


So this week, I chose Romania Del Castillo, because she had a whole gallery dedicated to all of her work. I believe the name her exhibition is called “Shifting Focus”. I found all of her works really intriguing, but the one pictured above was one I thought was the most interesting. According to Castillo, all of her artworks are made with only either charcoal, chalk, or pastel. Personally, when I was in high school and took art classes, charcoal was my favorite! I can definitely see why she would prefer to use it over other mediums.

I am unsure of the title of the specific piece she created up above, but this piece has a very eerie mood to it. The woman in the artwork looks very disconnected and detached from her world. She is holding onto a radio, but it seems as though she is not even paying attention to it. From my art class experiences, I notice that the perspective lines are off, but it is clear that the artist intended for it to be that way. After all, everything is titled “Shifting Focus”.

I am guessing that this piece revolves around the idea that people do things everyday, have a routine, and do things that they are supposed to do. But, people do it mindlessly, and they don’t really “live”. People sort of just do things because they have to, not because it makes them happy. As a result, the lack of enthusiasm and passion leads us to being disconnected from our world.

Week 11 – Classmate Conversation – Jerome Guzman


Jerome Guzman is actually from Lakewood, and he lives with both his parents and siblings. We are actually classmates from our Philosophy 170 class. I did not notice he was in my philosophy class until after he approached me in art a couple days ago. It is strange how you do not notice someone who has always been there until you actually meet them. Maybe, I am just not observant enough.

Jerome is currently pursuing a nursing degree, which says a lot about his studies! He is Filipino, but he says he grew up without learning how to speak the language. Ironically, even though he does not speak the language, he still tries to stay connected with his culture by cooking Filipino food! He was taught by his grandmother during his early years of childhood, and he is able to understand a little bit of the language. One major hobby of Jerome is playing basketball. Jerome says he is actually an overall fan of sports in general, but basketball is definitely his main focus! He even played basketball for two years while attending Long Beach Poly High School. Other activities that he enjoys include playing pool, surfing, and boxing.

Jerome also has a part time job, and he says that juggling school and a job can be very difficult. He notes that having a part time job significantly decreased the amount of time he is able to spend with his family. He is a middle child, having one older brother and one younger one. Overall, Jerome’s main focus is school, work, and playing basketball, which keeps him busy 24/7. One day when Jerome is no longer as busy, he hopes to be able to travel the world and be adventurous! He notes Tokyo as one of the places he would want to see the most.

Week 10 – Artist Interview – Almira Nikravesh


So, this piece was definitely astounding…it was definitely unfortunate that Almira herself was not there for me to interivew. However, I did get a little bit of information from Isaiah Ulloa, an artist that was present at the gallery.

First of all, I think it is AMAZING that these pennies are NOT glued together. Isaiah mentioned that he was very anxious to see students come so close to the piece and even touching it to attempt to count the pennies. I couldn’t believe it at first, because I wondered “how could you guys move it here, if these pennies aren’t glued in anyway”. To my surprise, Almira actually built the piece here in the gallery! He told me she spent about 48-72 hours (I honestly forgot the specific amount of hours, but it was definitely at least two days) in the gallery to build this piece.

If I were to guess, I bet it would be about 1000 dollars worth of pennies. Some people may it sounds crazy at first, but when you start taking notice of how closely stacked the pennies are and how many rows and columns, you will begin to realize that there are a lot of pennies….Isaiah mentioned that Almira has yet to reveal the exact of money there is. I hope I will find out eventually, because I am quite curious.

This piece is called Time and Money…and even though she was not here for me to ask her what inspired her to create this piece, I am going to assume it has to do with the great debate about whether or not the government should get rid of pennies. I have read articles about how some people argue that pennies are a hassle and a waste of time, and most of them fail to flow back into circulation. I may be wrong, but this is my best guest on how this piece came to be.

Week 10 – Classmate Interview – David Aceves


This week, I had the pleasure of getting to know David Aceves! First of all, I definitely did not expect him to be a senior in college. I figured he was either a sophomore or a freshman like myself. I thought he looked really young, and I hope that is taken as a compliment!

What I found really amazing about David was that he himself with a couple other friends built a 3-D printer. I have never seen a 3-D printer in my life, but I do recall an artist in the galleries making sculptures from a 3-D printer. I think it’s fascinating that David contributed to building one himself, because I would image it would take a lot of dedication and time. And, I think this is great, because it fits his major (civil engineering). Some people feel pressured to be a certain major because of pressure from their parents or society, but it seems as though David does honestly enjoy what he is going to pursue. I have great respect for that, simply because I feel pretty lost about what I want to do later in life..I’m glad David has a good idea of how he wants his future to be.

Aside from making sculptures and building things, David mentioned that he was a part of the sailing club at Long Beach. He even told us how they were able to go to Catalina Island, which amazed me, because I know I should definitely start joining clubs next semester. David says he is taking art 110, because he needs it to graduate. However, he does enjoy looking at the sculptures in the galleries among other art pieces. And, since he is a civil engineering major, I couldn’t help but ask him if he preferred physics or math. He said physics, which is a subject I would never be able to grasp or understand. I admire people who are able to thoroughly understand physics.

As of now, David is working as a tutor at the Horn Center, which he does honestly enjoy. He says when there are no students coming in, he uses the time to study or do his homework, which is pretty efficient and productive. I asked him if he ever lived in the dorms, and he said yes. He thought it was expensive, and he told me he was a little bit in debt from living in the dorms. But now, he lives in a comfortable apartment with a few roommates and only pays 480$ a month. He says he’s had even cheaper rent, which actually amazes me. Overall, David was one of the more interesting people I’ve interviewed.

Check out his blog here!

Week 10 – Activity – Corpse Landscape


For this week’s project, we were supposed to capture an image of how we would like to die. Personally, I really enjoy using cameras, and I do want to learn a lot more about photography. This project was overall pretty fun for me! One of my favorites, actually.

I chose to pick a very personal spot for my ideal death setting. This was the area where I spent most of my childhood, playing tag with friends and hide-and-go-seek ( I wish I could still do it, but I am way too big to fit inside the bushes now!) I have very fond memories of this place, because I spent some of my happiest days here. Even when I got bruises and scratches from the bushes and trees, I never minded, because I knew it was worth all the fun and memories.

The tree that I am leaning (dead) against is a very special tree, because my childhood friends and I used to always stick our gum on the tree. It was definitely gross, but the different colored gums made the tree look pretty cool back in the day. Occasionally, we would try to bully each other and stick each other’s heads against the tree, but it was all in good fun. Thinking back, I am definitely glad I was able to spend a lot of time outdoors as a child, because I never really get the chance to now. After school and work, I am usually too tired to even consider going outside for a small walk.

So, since I never really get the chance to go outside anymore, I hope that when I die, I will be outside at my favorite childhood spot. I would feel fulfilled with my life if I died being outside in this beautiful, yet simply green setting. To be able to take my last breathe in that special spot would be ideal.

Just Float On!